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Most traditional free hosting providers bloat their clients’ pages with ads, or forced ads to be precise. From a simple text-ads to an intrusive pop-ads. Despite being considered as legal practice, the forced-ads were eventually noticed as bringing negative impact toward clients websites readership and SERP.

Recently I’ve seen many free hosting providers employing new techniques to display forced-ads in less-intrusive ways. However, I notice some of these new techniques do not comply ethical standard. Such thing like, what I call, Random-Uptime Redirection.

Random-uptime redirection is a technique by which hosting providers redirect their clients websites traffic to a sponsored page during servers uptime. The redirection happens almost invisible from clients eyes since it is performed at random time and on random websites. If it happens that clients incidentally spot the redirection, they would most likely take it as simply a glitch. Glitches happen sometimes, right?

What about us here at Freehosting5? We do not employ forced ads in any manner whatsoever . Never will. Our first intention is to bring you premium and professional hosting environment for free. Please be advice that as per common practice we have set some default pages for certain situations like 404 error and downtime. All of these default pages contain a clear written information about the situation.

For example, when a 404 error (not found) happens, visitors would be redirected to a page entitled with 404 ERROR . The page also contains additional information about why or what might be the cause. Please note that you can replace it with your own. The main reason we set default 404 page is to improve your visitors experience, in case you haven’t set your own.

Shortly speaking, rest assure that you can rely on Freehosting5 to support your online presence. Whether you are a personal blogger or business-startups. Please make sure your website comply our terms of service.

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