Free Hosting, What’s the Catch

Years back I wondered why people would use free hosting. It was on the era of Yahoo Geocities, those pages with loads of annoying ads. I had never used any free hosting until recently where I found that there had been trend shift. Free hosting company are no longer forcing ads onto clients pages. Not even their footprint.

I found that recently providing free hosting has been employed to gain more popularity and more prospective customers. You know the saying “Free is good”. People are less likely to refuse any free offers. Once they take it, they will be automatically included to a list of prospective customers. Paid offers usually come later following their constant usage of the free service.

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How To Install WordPress

In nowadays WordPress is probably the most popular software for creating websites. Developers use wordpress to build almost any kind of websites, ranging from personal blogs to online magazine websites or even community networking sites similar to Facebook.  The typical way for installing wordpress is by manually uploading its core files to your hosting’s server. The core files can be retrieved for free at

In this article, we would like to show you the less hassle way to install wordpress. We will use auto-installer which is available whithin your hosting control panel. If you haven’t had any hosting account , signup here to get your client account. Once your client-account has been activated, login and create your  free hosting account.

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How to Setup Free Hosting Account

Signing up for an account with us is quick and easy. Typically it takes less than 5 minutes. You will receive confirmation email soon after you submit the signup form. Once you confirm your registration, your account will be ready in notime. Please note, this account you just created is not your hosting-account. This is your Client Account, within which you can later setup free hosting-accounts.

Free Hosting Account Setup

1. Login to your Client Account via

2. Within client dashboard, hit Control Panel menu. This action will get you a new screen showing list of your free hosting account. In this example we assume you haven’t created any hosting account. Thus you will see an empty table as shown in the following picture.

3. You can start creating hosting account by simply clicking Create New Account button.

get free hosting account img

4. Next step is to choose Hosting Plan. On the next screen you can choose your preferred hosting plan. Click Select button when you’ve done.

Choose Hosting Plan img

5. The next screen shows you the final step

free subdomain hosting imgChoose whether to use subdomain or your own domain. Adjust everything as necessary and click Create button. Wait until hosting creation is completed. You can consider it’s done when the progress bar showing 100%.

hosting account imgIn case of using your own domain, don’t forget to change your domain name servers to ours:

Managing Your Free Hosting Account

To begin managing a hosting account simply follow the above step 1 and 2. You will see list of active hosting accounts.

hosting cpanel imgClick Switch button to access corresponding account’s hosting control panel.

No Forced Ads

no ads free hosting

Most traditional free hosting providers bloat their clients’ pages with ads, or forced ads to be precise. From a simple text-ads to an intrusive pop-ads. Despite being considered as legal practice, the forced-ads were eventually noticed as bringing negative impact toward clients websites readership and SERP.

Recently I’ve seen many free hosting providers employing new techniques to display forced-ads in less-intrusive ways. However, I notice some of these new techniques do not comply ethical standard. Such thing like, what I call, Random-Uptime Redirection.

Random-uptime redirection is a technique by which hosting providers redirect their clients websites traffic to a sponsored page during servers uptime. The redirection happens almost invisible from clients eyes since it is performed at random time and on random websites. If it happens that clients incidentally spot the redirection, they would most likely take it as simply a glitch. Glitches happen sometimes, right?

What about us here at Freehosting5? We do not employ forced ads in any manner whatsoever . Never will. Our first intention is to bring you premium and professional hosting environment for free. Please be advice that as per common practice we have set some default pages for certain situations like 404 error and downtime. All of these default pages contain a clear written information about the situation.

For example, when a 404 error (not found) happens, visitors would be redirected to a page entitled with 404 ERROR . The page also contains additional information about why or what might be the cause. Please note that you can replace it with your own. The main reason we set default 404 page is to improve your visitors experience, in case you haven’t set your own.

Shortly speaking, rest assure that you can rely on Freehosting5 to support your online presence. Whether you are a personal blogger or business-startups. Please make sure your website comply our terms of service.